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kain@ケインコスギ: This is amazing. The person sitting next to me on the train is a shota. He’s cute. Huffs… cute… When I shifted my seat so it’ll be easier to sit, he was like “T-Thank you!” and was a bit fidgety… My lifespan grew.


雨かえる@amekaeru09: @kain2525 Is the thing that grew really your lifespan? Ghehehehehehehehehe


kain@ケインコスギ: That’s true.

in the second episode of mekakucity actors when momo was in class and there were radios everywhere i thought it was the future where people were replaced with radios since momo’s hair was grey so she was older

it reminded me of the episode of arthur where buster might be held back and he has a dream where arthur is the principle and tells buster “i know a place where you can play and nap all day, preschool!” but the part that really reminded me of mca was when buster imagined himself old and still in third grade even though that wasnt the case with momo but it didnt register with me that the objects were supposed to be the people until i read that it makes momo the one to stand out but to me it made the objects stand out. the flowers in the vases on the desks made me think of a funeral lol so i kept looking at the flowers. and the art room was very cluttered and momo was barely visible half the time. to me it would have been better if the students were as people but shaded in black or gray


‏@soraruru テンションの差をお楽しみください 投稿文はまふまふが勝手に考えました よろしくお願いします

Soraru: Look forward to the difference in tension. Description of the video was all decided by mafumafu. Please treat us well

It’s like you’re my mirror

My mirror staring back at me


A translation for KulfiQ’s popular Rin and Miku song also featured in Project Diva f 2nd, Masquerading Ganger. It deals with living in other’s shadows. 

Author’s Comment: “Looking into the sun after staring at the shadows and such can be a little severe because of the sensation that your eyes are dehydrating.”

Music/Lyrics: KulfiQ
Guitar: Goroo
Video: (Temporary)-P
Translation: OccasionalSubs
Special Thanks. Coleena Wu
(thank you for the tag alternator, sweet pea. much appreciated。)


Little brother and sister