made some more ZNT fanart, help i’ve fallen, nine is too hot

kageyama is so cool

そらろん – 赤パジャマ黄パジャマ茶パジャマ


Soraru: They’re asking if you can say a tongue twister.

Lon: A tongue twister?

Soraru: Yeah, say, "Aka pajama, ki pajama, cha pajama"

Lon: … Aka jaba—

Soraru: Pfff— that was on purpose, right? www It was on purpose, right?

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luz’s 1st album, “tWoluz” !!!


luz holding a nama to make an important announcement and after stalling for a while he suddenly bursts out—

"It’s been decided that I’ll be releasing my 1st album! *suddenly plays his cover of Cherry Hunt in the bgm*”

It releases October 1st! The album title is “tWoluz”! (two + luz (“two luz’s”), and also sounds like “truth” which are the themes for this album)


(jacket illustrator: RAHWIA)

Track list:

  1. Ifuudoudou
  2. Koshitantan
  3. Cherry Hunt
  4. Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni
  5. Domino Taoshi
  6. Streaming Heart (tWoluz ver)
  7. Hitorinbo Envy
  8. GLIDE
  9. Kokoronashi
  10. Kanashimi no Nami ni Oboreru (Mafumafu arrange)
  11. Queen of Hearts (original song by Soune69)
  12. Suttonkyou Relic (original song by koyori)
  13. (original song by buzzG)
  14. (original song by Nem)

total of 14 songs

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KK’s 1st major album, “Kokoro-ne” !



Releases September 10th!

UPDATE: Full jacket cover revealed! ( jacket illustrator: Kumao (くまお♀) )
Updated track list!
( old post with tokuten info and rough/uncolored draft of jacket cover )

cover songs

  • Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo / yukkedoluce
  • World on Color / koyori
  • Ikanaide / Souta
  • Starduster / JimmyThumbP NEW!
  • Sore ga Anata no Shiawase Toshitemo / Heavenz NEW!
  • Jishou Mushoku / nekobolo NEW!

original songs

  • Solitary Habitat / koyori NEW!
  • Rei / Ramune NEW!
  • Amaterasu / Harry
  • Boku Dake no Stand By Me / Harry

+ more ( total of 15 songs )